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Hi. I found this site around March and have been following since. First time posting anything. I don’t see much talk about Spawn around here. Are there no new characters to spec on in upcoming issues? With multiple Spawn titles and several variants per issue every month now, it is getting pricey to try and buy it all. Seems like the variant cover with Soul Crusher has increased in value (homage to McFarlane from himself). I was just wondering if anyone here follows Spawn and knows if it’s just the same old same old going in circles, or if there are new characters worth spec’in on. Thanks!


@beachboy Greetings! I tend to be a pretty big Spawn fan and have quite a few posts relative to it over the last few years.

I believe Spawn is a book that you just can’t really go wrong with. I know people have varying opinions on the actual comic itself (from a story/marketing/history) perspective, but I’m just speaking from a “collecting/spec” standpoint.

I don’t know that there is any other modern comic run that has more value (or steadily climbing value of any given issue).

While a new character in Spawn is certainly something to pay attention to, I tend to look at the actual covers/art/artist more at this point. Because there are so many open order variants, there are many that go under the radar or that have art released just on FOC or after. Those are the issues (currently) that are spec worthy (my personal opinion only).

I think that many Spawn collectors may not even collect because of the story…it’s the visuals and cover appeal. Spawn appeals to many fans, some of which care less about comic books…but more about the horror/appearance/supernatural aspects of the book.

Even if you look at very recent issues of Spawn (especially 301-308)…pretty crazy prices on books that really don’t have anything particular going for them.

I also think that keeping an eye on all the new Spawn books and their covers going forward will be a smart play. Shops aren’t going to be ordering a ton of all these Spawn books and covers (again , my opinion only)…something is going to get missed and later down the line…folks may likely want them. Once the newness of issues #1, #2, #3 die out…orders will be cut.

Sorry to ramble–take care and happy collecting.


So I actually started reading Spawn 10 days ago, reading an issue/day until current.

I can’t say what books are super spec worthy beyond issues 1, 2, 9, 174. I know a lot of his homage covets do well on the secondary, too. I just don’t know the franchise that well, so I can’t give more info. That being said, its only a matter of time before Spawn blows up even bigger than he is.

Personally I wish I would have given Spawn a chance before now, but better late than never!


Thanks for the reply. After taking a long break from Spawn, I started collecting the series again in the 280’s and have been buying them up to the current issue. Embarrassingly, I have not read any since 300… I’ve just been buying them because I like the covers, lol. So when I was at my LCS the other day and saw the Soul Crusher issue for $10, I was like “didn’t that thing JUST come out!!!”. Then, digging in the back issue bin, I saw they wanted $20 for issue 309 and I was like “something is going on here with Spawn again”. I had no idea. I was going to stop at issue 313 but the covers have been so great I have just kept buying, lol. McFarlane’s got me!


So far, I’m on board with King Spawn. The covers and art are fantastic.

The story so far… it’s a bit of a mess IMO. There’s too much reliance on the history of Spawn. I wish this new series played more to new fans. At one point in issue 3, Spawn says something about getting Medieval involved. Suddenly, a second Spawn. Then another one. News to me. And the story is super jumpy and has zero context or world building.

Maybe this is why people collect it just for covers. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m a McFarlane fan all around. He seems to be a fan of comics, wants to support the LCS, cares about his fans, and does it his way.


Spawn. The comic world’s guilty pleasure


Bjorn Barends is giving people another thing to collect with this series now, too. His covers are fire. Looks like the new ones with the trick or treaters on the cover are heating up prior to release, which might get people searching for his previous covers.

Issue #310 was his first Spawn cover and I have yet to find a comic cover from him prior, so this might be first cover in comics period, but don’t quote me on that. #310 was a C cover with Gunslinger on cvr A and Ninja Spawn McFarlane was cover B. Hard to tell, but I’d imagine this one wasn’t ordered as much as his subsequent covers, especially he’s been on cvr A more than the variants since and Spawn has pretty good size print runs over the last year.

I like spec’ing on artists, especially ones with a super low entry point. $2.99 cover price is about as low as it gets nowadays. Even if you don’t buy any or spec on him, you can view all his amazing Spawn covers here:
Bjorn Barends - Spawn


I’ve got issues 1 through 3 but have not had a chance to read them. It’s a cover thang at this point! Ha ha.

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And if you find any Black and white variants from issue 220 and up, they got for good $.


Yup. And from what Mcfarlane has stated in the past is that the price will not go up. Which is a plus…


I’ve been a fan of McFarlane’s stuff since the 90’s. I just like it. I was hooked on it in high school. My only umbrage with him right now is the darn Target exclusive Batman figure with autograph. I preordered that sucker the moment it went live, confirmed multiple delays with Target’s screwy email system, and then poof… those mo fo’s cancelled my order last week. I was crushed. Not really Todd’s fault… but I hope he hears the out cry and tells Target to get their act together or no more exclusives from him.

I ordered it as well and got cancelled as well lol. From what my wife found out for me was that there was an error on pricing so they will go live again once that issue is solved.

#44 - 1st appearance of Tiffany

If a Spawn movie is made and they cant use Angela, Tiffany is the next best bet.

Will never happen since Marvel owns the rights… after Gaiman sold to them as a big FU after he beat Todd in court! :wink:


Curious if anyone knows: Is Barends’ art 3D computer modeled or is it a painting? I’m leaning toward painting but sometimes it looks like CGI

Funny we are discussing this as I cut a deal for Spawn 221-224 and 226-231. All harder to find homage covers. In a quite nice condition for a price that I think will allow me to make a profit.


Good question. Someone on Instagram asked this question and he answered it:

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So it’s a snazzy blend that results in some gorgeously grotesque artwork!

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The King Spawn 3 Barends finally dropped today. A week later than the other covers. Damn, it’s even nicer in person. Grabbed the only two I spotted today.

Spawn 323 version of the same cover also delayed a week? Was supposed to be out today, but I didn’t see it.

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