Star Wars: Ahsoka Disney+ show

Definitely the one with the most personality. He’s going to be a hit with those unfamiliar with rebels.


Is this a Knight of Ren…Ren…or an Inquisitor still holding onto the cause?

It’s an Inquisitor. He has an inquisitor style lightsaber hilt in another close up shot.

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Lars Mikkelsen is playing Thrawn


“Stevensen will play Baylan Skoll and Sakhno plays Shin Hati, both of who work for Morgan Elsbeth’s character who is deeply loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Stevensen and Sakhno were forbidden by series creator Dave Filoni from speaking any further about their exciting new characters, as everything related to them is a spoiler. However, Filoni did reveal that the Ahsoka stunt coordinator, Ming Qui, plays a villainous role in the series, though the name of the character was not shared, but a photo was, which you can see below.”

During the panel, Favreau and Filoni said they were in touch with Timothy Zahn to make sure the portrayal of Thrawn is accurate and true to the books.


Looks eerie for sure.

Couldn’t resist…flipped my Heir to the Empire #1 CGC 9.6 Newstand today.
I think I paid $20 for it pre COVID and don’t really care about the Newstand factor.
Paid for a good chunk of a vacation hotel in June.
I’ll hold onto my 9.8 for my PC as I do love the character and book.


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That’s some NSFW nerdgasm content right there.

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That figure with Grogu looks more like Mando than a member of the Whills to me.

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I had a feeling it wasn’t. The sources didn’t seem 100% legit.

I thought it would have been a bit “on the nose” for Ahsoka to say that in the trailer (and potentially series) then have the Mandalorian movie named that.

But if Thrawn is being set up as the big bad for
The Mando movie ala Thanos, I’m in for that.

I thought it wasn’t gonna be called that when they called it the “Mando-verse finale” . Obviously the movie is not gonna be called Mando verse but I feel like since it focuses so much on the mandalorian that it wouldn’t be named after Thrawn

I have a feeling that movie is not going to have a happy ending and possibly a real bummer of a movie (mood, not quality). The period between ROTJ and TFA saw the collapse of a promising new Jedi order, the rise of the First Order because of the failures of the New Republic, and Palpatine continuing to do Palpatine things.

Most of the focus of TFA was trying to find Luke, so if any new Jedi popped their heads up during this time, they were either sending Leia’s calls straight to voicemail or off fighting some new battle that was more important than trying to bring her baby back to the light side. Heck, Rey didn’t even know the Jedi were real.

There is so much cool stuff Filoni could do with his film, but all that cool stuff would have to burn out so fast or get erased from everyone’s memory.

Given so many of the Jedi were “voices” and there’s not even a mention of Thrawn in Rise of Skywalker, I think they’re all going to meet a spectacular and untimely end. Likely some big sacrifice to ensure thrawn is destroyed.

Or they all become great friends and decide to get out of Dodge and head to Rentor in the unknown regions, leaving the collapsing New Republic to deal with the rising first order on their own.

Would be such a perfect metaphor for how many fans loathe and wish they could erase the sequels.

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Captain Rex

Worst case scenario- Old Man Boba.

Best case scenario- Old Man Rex!


It’s going to be Rex.

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