Star Wars Comic Spec MEGATHREAD

I don’t know if Disney+ has all the clone wars seasons. I’ll have to check.

Need to figure out how to cram relevant episodes in…won’t have time to watch the entire run between now and Mando 3.

@D-Rog There are a couple of online guides that provide a list of the essential episodes of Clone Wars. The list of episodes is in order that makes for the most cohesive story experience versus just the natural order they came out in which sometimes went off path or had filler episodes, etc.

Last I watches, Disney did have every season/episode.

As indicated above…enjoy. Some of the very best Star Wars stories/characters created. Even pretty mature themed at times.

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The final Episode of the Shadow Conspiracy Arc (Season 5 Episode 16), which is included on that list is heartbreaking and features one of the best lightsaber duels in SW.

Provides a lot of depth to the storylines for Mandalore, Maul, Bo-Katan, and Obi-Wan.

Amazing stuff.


They’re doing more than that, they’re printing it on covers and in advertisements.

Recently in one of the Marvel Previews magazines I saw on advert for Spider-Gwen Shadow Clones and it said “featuring the first appearances of XYZ.”

Also, on the cover of the second printing of ASM 14…