Star Wars Comic Spec MEGATHREAD

Already limit 1 at Midtown.

This season hasn’t been the most fast paced so far, but it’s been good. Rumor has it that Tech is the clone that was hunting them down last week…but I’m not buying it.

Sing and Bane shouldn’t be popping in any episode now!

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Seeing plenty of this cover selling on eBay.

I haven’t been able to sell my second copy. Dropped the price too.

Two copies, MCS.

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It’s odd, I see like $18-$20 with active listings cheaper. Funky business happening?

It’s probably not-so-smart buyers. Stores got restocked since it wasn’t sold out.

What’s probably happening is sellers are listing the books they got from their shops and buyers are sorting by newly listed instead of lowest price. Yes, a buyer could just re-sort, but FOMO is a hell of a drug.


Looks like her blood is just the right “binder” which binds with the blood of subjects with high m-counts. Guess no force-sensitive clones to see here. Was hoping to see some.

Omega is totally a force “sensitive” clone. Ventress said she should be trained. The thing is if they don’t use it, they lose it. But she meditates like a Jedi…and obviously has strong connections with animals and can read people ( intuition).

A so-crazy-it-might-be-true rumor I saw was that she may actually be Rey’s mother.

This series keeps getting better each week. Another heart wrenching ending with Crosshair missing his target. I think all these Clone X’s are Crosshair clones…they all sound like him and are snipers.

Now that Omega is on her own again, she’ll likely Have to tap into her force abilities to round up the captive kids and convince Emerie (her “sister”) to join her…Emerie is basically a manipulated clone, destined to join the Bad Batch. Which means Tech is likely gone for good as they’d be kind of redundant in skills.

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Not investing on any more star wars spec until my high Republic stash pop.


Same here! I’ve got three short bins filled with just the first volumes.