Star Wars The Acolyte Specs

He would just crush the jolt of the sabers with his magnet powers

Are you sure they’re magnetic?

They are metal of some sort but not sure they are magnetic. I just wanted to say “magnet powers”

Hmmm… lightsaber whip makes it’s debut and somebody has scars on their back……

Was thinking the same thing. Stranger says he was Jedi “a long time ago”…which means he’s found a way to cheat death….or at least slow down the process…which likely means he will have ties to Plageis and Palpatine.

Rwoh hasn’t really played any significant role in this series…but the character is in the show for a reason…I’m theorizing that the stranger was her Padawan at one point…and that will be revealed in the last episode with a big showdown.

I also noticed the helmet very much resembles Helmete of the Knights of Ren.

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A long time ago is super vague. Is it 100 years, 10 years? Maybe he is an alien with a long lifespan?

I don’t mean to have this sound like an argument, just thinking out loud.

He looks youthful, not like someone who’s been around a while. Yet he basically said he was “old”.

We know Rwoh is over 100 at this point…just saying I think the two have a past.

Could be force ghost possession.

Also, music played during some of the more recent scenes with Qimir is the same as music played during Kyle Ren scenes in the sequel trilogy. Not a coincidence. Ren and the knights were neither Jedi nor Sith.

I think it would be cool if he is Plagueis. Vernestra is too ugly to remain a Jedi. She could be Tenebrous

They hate using much from the comics. They don’t want speculators making any money

I don’t think Disney or Lucasfilm care too much about some random speculation that might make dozens and dozens of people a couple thousand at best.

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Probably not. It just sure seems that way sometimes

They are very weird about not mixing their different mediums much. For example, they have the High Republic era going on at the same time and the plots are mostly contained with each medium: shows, comics, novels, audio, etc.

Could Vernestra be Lumiya?

If you are trying to avoid escalating a stand off, why start doing weird magic? I don’t really get what the mother was doing. If you were going to let Osha go, why not just say it up front?

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Not only that, but Sol’s reaction was just as bad…if I saw a bunch of smoke coming at me I don’t think my first reaction would be to draw a weapon…

That whole exchange did not sit well with me…

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Well, if there were a bunch of arrows pointing at someone, a staff drawn and a then sudden burst of black smoke erupts out of a witch right next to them, a fight or flight reaction may take over with a general stab in that direction.


I actually enjoyed the flip Jedi view of the first couple of episodes, however, it’s quite late to be doing that and I don’t see (yet) the importance of doing it. Nothing really changed other than knowing what Sol did and the wookie getting mind controlled. It was pretty solid IMO.

I’m definitely interested to see how it ends.