Star Wars: The High Republic

Managed to reserve one just in time…but they didn’t last long

Same here. I pre ordered 2, says 1 shipped

Yeah i’m still waiting on a solid blood 17 copy, keeps getting pushed on my orders but I can’t cancel it lol

We were shorted a few hundred copies by Diamond. So if you ordered near the end of our orders post-FOC you may have gotten only one for now. But if they still show up on your pre-order page they aren’t cancelled and we’re waiting on replacements.


hopefully I’m good. 4 days before FOC.

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New Pre-orders for High Republic at TFAW:


If you guys want to go deeper down the rabbit hole here, I’m piecing together solicit clues.

So, in the Charles Soule book, Light of the Jedi, the Eye of the Nihil, Marchion Ro, has access to special hyperspace lanes that are not known to the core worlds, the republic, or generally to anybody except the Nihil. These are untested, wild “Paths” through hyperspace. It’s what give the Nihil the ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Looking at the new Star Wars solicits today, I came across the Doctor Aphra #9 solicit (April 21, 2021):

LOST TECH! CRIME SYNDICATES! ASSASSINS! • DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS’ search for the NIHIL HYPERDRIVE gets deadlier as GENERAL VUKORAH and THE UNBROKEN CLAN enter the race for possession! • What powerful secrets of the HIGH REPUBLIC era could the lost technology hide?

So, it would appear that the mission Aphra has been on, as tasked by the Tagge family since issue #7, is to recover the Nihil hyperdrive, potentially giving the Tagge family access to the Paths of unknown hyperspace lanes.

In issue #6, it’s referred to as a “Path Engine” of “Nihil Design.”

In issue #7, the artifact is simply referred to as “The Engine”.

So, we’ve already seen the thing in a hologram twice and we know it’s name and its origin. However, I’m wondering if we’ll get flashback sequences to the High Republic times, maybe some holograms of Nihil characters. There’s even a woman that Marchion Ro has kept in stasis for hundreds of years in the book that could potentially resurface as an ancient “Path-Finder.” I’d keep my eyes peeled on these issues as Alyssa Wong brings the Nihil and High Republic concept into the original trilogy era.

Caveat: I haven’t finished Light of Jedi yet, so I don’t know if the woman in stasis dies before the end of it.


This is some spicy spec. Thank you! Wonder if she will actually find it in 9 or build up for #10.

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Do you think it would it be worth picking up some #6 or just waiting for #9&10?
Also does anyone know how we pronounce Nihil :thinking:

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I always thought it was “Knee-Hile”. I’m probably way wrong lol

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Yeah the Aphra #9 1:25 has her holding that lil ball on the cover. A must grab when it drops.

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Like the Nile river.


Awesome spec! It’s pronounced like the river Nile in a way. With a touch of the H.

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Unfortunately, I think the artifact itself is destined to become something like the first appearance of the infinity stones with Thanos. Always capped in its potential because it’s not a character. I’m more excited that we may see some Nihil big wigs show up in the Aphra series.

Welp that’s it Aphra back on the pulls. Gonna drop a couple other titles.

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I’ve always pronounced it “nicky-nicky-tin-whack-ubba-ubba-chebang-fwop!”, but I could be wrong.


Hey! Watch what you say about my momma! I’ll chebang-fwop you!!

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Oops, sorry, there was supposed to be an accent grave on the “e” in “chebang”. No disrespect intended.

Oh no. The Knights Who Say Nee!

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