Star Wars: The High Republic

I left a good size stack of them for the kiddos.
Or maybe el hoardo willl snag them all

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Where did you find those at ?


@Radricky @monopolyjackson

If you search for Peachtree Playthings on Amazon I (think - not sure) found 5 sets (I did buy 1 already)
$19 for a set

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Ah, Dollar Tree…


That’s some detective work!

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I’ve been exposed!


It’s odd that the paper quality is a billion times better than a standard book, yet they are a dollar?

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I don’t think Dollar Tree and 99C store are capped at those prices.

These books can’t be a $1 at dollar tree.

I got a copy of each HRA and some of their Disney comics the other day and pretty sure they rung up at $1.25 (which is their new price).

Meant AREN’T capped at $1/99c.

Yeah, I believe that whole run of comics are $1.25 each.

They were 1.25 each here in Texas

I’m finding it harder to find NM copies of these books than it was to find the Worlds Finest 11 Jack White variant…3 stores and only one has them…beat to hell.

Maybe haven’t arrived yet?

Will try a few more tomorrow.


Star Wars High Republic Blade #2 (of 4)
Star Wars High Republic Blade #2 (of 4) (25 Copy Suayan Variant)

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New fiction in SWI 216:


That’s the subscription edition, correct?

Cover art?

I need to put a subscription to this magazine on my wish list for when people ask me for gift ideas.

Next month also will have an HR story.

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