Superman: Son of Kal-El

Just wanted to start a thread on this upcoming title, and kick it off with a DOPE Jock cover. Not sure if it is an exclusive or just not released as open order. Without further adieu…


OMG that’s beautiful! I gotta have one, hopefully it’s open order.

EDIT: looks like it’s a store exclusive.

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That is awesome!

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Appears so

I don’t see it being presold anywhere yet but I just did a cursory search…

That’s a sick as cover. Share link when available please. I would love to add that to the PC.

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I’m often “meh” on Jock, but this is nice. This is the kind of cover DC should have been getting for the Superman Red & Blue series. I can’t believe how many garbage covers that series got.

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I tend to like a lot of Jock stuff (different strokes, etc) and I love this one. Anyone yet know where it is from?


Probably the same place his previous exclusives were at, Forbidden Planet.

I just signed up in the forum to post this cover and you beat me to it! Lol.


I’m faster than a speeding bullet, lol.


Jock makes great stuff.

Alan Quah retailer variant

There is a pretty interesting speculation of where Jon Kent as Superman might go in Tom Taylor’s run at Bleeding Cool. It’s kinda spoilery so be warned.

link in case anyone needs it

So in issue 3 we get who I am 99% sure is a new character, Faultline (not be confused with Punchline or Flatline, lol). I’m not convinced she is anything more than a plot device but who knows she could turn into something more.


Yup. Also that burning man in issue 1 if they ever get used down the line. Faultline has pretty interesting power too.

What is going on with this sudden influx of ___line characters?


They can’t think of better names…

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