TFAW Status

MCS does not

Honestly though, I’ve spent $700+ on an order but the the shipping wasn’t much more than $20. As long as you order a lot of incentives and add in some open order books, it’s probably still worth ordering from tfaw

Ok, Looking back it seems to be

$6.00 = 1 or 2 books
$7.20 = 3 books
$7.40 = 4 books

MCS “Economy” shipping.

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Just got a monthly preorder pack of about 14 comics in a Gemini. Most had smashed corners of the boards and some on the comics, including spine rolls since they shoved so many into a Gemini (which did not show as much damage as the corners of the books). Luckily the one ratio I had was undamaged, but this is disappointing. With all of tfaws flaws they still usually sent out pretty good NM- copies, now seems like that is gone now too.


They did the same to my last month order of 23 in a Gemini and this months 12 in a Gemini. Last month more then half came damaged and they refunded me about 2/3 of my order. Luckily this month none of them came damaged. But yeah I think after ALL my orders are filled, I might be done with them.

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They just don’t care.
I guess they’ve factored in the damages and determined it is less money to deal with damages than it is to correct a significant problem.
They don’t understand the damage to their brand though and that is a terrible shame.


I have yet to understand why they don’t address the problem and fix it. It makes no sense to me. that they slack on it. I’ve cut my orders from them by probably 70% and have started buying more from other online dealers. Like you said, they just don’t care. That’s on them.

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I just got an order of 6 comics in gemini, pristine condition. :thinking:

Tell them to shove 12 or 23 books into a Gemini next time.


Mine always come in a box when there’s more than 10-12 comics. They just hate you people or something…

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They love chicken thats why lol jk jk.

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Gosh, how could there be damages? /sarcasm


I find the notion appalling.