The Future of DC Films

Well, I watched The Flash yesterday and loved it.

A well-constructed story, characters that you can care about and a couple of interesting twists.

I actually felt quite emotional in the ‘mum’ scene towards the close of the movie and the ‘tip of the hat’ to what has gone before in one of the glimpses into alternate worlds (trying hard not to create spoilers here).

I hope the door is now open to some further good quality DC movies.


I said in another post I liked her in Mrs. Maisel but don’t think I know his work.

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Is she a Korean Huntress, or, is it a Huntress project in Korea?

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I thought Huntress was Italian. Been a while since I thought about that character so I could be wrong.

Her last name is Bertenelli. Well one of them is. The only superheroes I can think of that are of Italian descent are her and Super Mario. We don’t get many of my kind

Isn’t Punisher of Italian descent?

Yeah but he is more of an anti-hero

Nah, he’s a villain whose only saving grace is he kills people worse than him.



Well there ya go! First appearance is Wonder Woman #37 vol 1! A good old fashioned Golden Age semi-key! Probably tons out there! Happy hunting! Most won’t be buying that comic but I like the casting.

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Its animated so she’ll be doing the voice

No. ■■■■■■■■ Way.



That would be really cool.

With anything it depends on the end product. Both those could be really good or cringe-worthy. Hopefully, lessons from the past will be learned but that is doubtful.

I want a Plastic Man movie where the World around him is dreary, dour, and grimdark, but he’s just funny and silly. Would be a bit of a parody of the more super-serious DC flicks.

I couldn’t see an Aronofsky film of any sorts being cringy. Weird pairing that could be amazing.

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As long as they cast Ben Schwartz as Plastic Man!!

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