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Why does anyone look back on the original trilogy or the second or third and think it was great or some masterpiece? Sorry I’m a fan but it was never great. Middling at best. Most of it’s nostalgia. One of the best things to come out of Star Wars was the Clone Wars animated series. So why not incorporate the better stuff whether it’s considered canon or not? It’s all just made up stories to begin with.


I’m as a big original trilogy fan as can be (hated the prequels). Very biased towards it.

And I still have enjoyed the Clone Wars and Rebels. Good stories.

And I’m pretty sure both are considered canon by Disney.

Additionally I love Mandalorian. Present season included. Love the nods to the OT.

I wouldn’t say nostalgia. We can certainly pick apart the story some forty some years later, but at the time, that whole series was special with groundbreaking special effects. People seem to forget BJP (Before Jurassic Park) special effects were pretty much trash, but Star Wars set a new bar for…everything, and JP moved that bar to what we have today. The best thing to come out of Star Wars was every single thing we enjoy about fantasy, science fiction and hero movies today. I think the show was just fine, including all the merchandise that was attached to a movie where we now get to see all these incredible toys and figures, primarily because of the marketing of the movie. An animated series was not the pinnacle achievement of the franchise.

I guess my entire point is that I don’t quite understand the need to have to defend/choose/select/whatever, any form of Star Wars over the other. I have loved every single aspect of the Star Wars Universe since the day I saw it as child. I never claimed Clone Wars to be the pinnacle of Star Wars, just as I would not say that about the Mandalorian. But there simply is no denying that everything that has been created post original trilogy has helped to expand upon the franchise we all love.

Are there some forms of Star Wars story telling I enjoy over others, of course (I’m not at all into reading the novels-whether canon or not), but it doesn’t mean I am willing to just dismiss those aspects as trash, non-relevant, etc simply because I don’t care for them.


I’m in the same boat… I love Star Wars and take them in any way, shape or form, even if the stories from each don’t align with one another. I just try to enjoy them as is…

The effects in, “Jurassic Park,” still look incredible today for sure, @highlander1989!

I feel like trying to figure out the, “True,” continuity of, “Star Wars,” at this point is like trying to make sense of the continuities of Marvel or DC. Things are going to conflict or not make sense so in some ways it is all about what you view as canon or not.

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Well said

Ive gradually been watching all canon star wars tv & films in chronological order. There is lots of filler in the clone wars show but the payoff at the end is worth it. The last 4 episodes is blockbuster level production and directing. It’s basically a movie of the events running concurrently with Episode III from the perspective of characters you don’t see in the movie, adding more context to the saga and its pulled off brilliantly. The reason the book is skyrocketing is bc Ahsoka is an awesome bad ass (fully developed through 133 episodes and 1 movie) character. Half way through Rebels now and it is amazing as well. Characters and story telling. Dave Filoni not being involved in the sequel trilogy is the worst thing that ever happened to star wars. He gets it. Weaving narratives throughout Lucas’ creation masterfully. Why Favreau personally requested him be brought in for Mando. The best star wars could be ahead I believe as long as the right people are in charge.


Mando was good before it was about lightsabers and Jedi now it doesn’t fit the timeline of Star Wars they set it in without conflicting. They could of easily told a story prior to the 9 movies if they wanted to do a Jedi and lightsaber tv show without messing with anything.

I guess I don’t understand that as the Dark Saber is a big part of Mandalorian history…and from episode 1 season 1 it’s revolved around the foundling, a creature that is from a race that has deep force connections…not sure how you tell this story without involving Jedi.

If anything it seems they are weaving in a lot of different plot line elements…so let’s see how it plays out.


Agree completely, the Child has force abilities and the plan all along was to bring him to his people so it was clear from the beginning there would be Jedi eventually. But there’s no indication at all that Jedi will become a major part of the story. It’s been about Mando/Child and his journey to get him home. All the other characters along the way are minor and help further the story. None of have really stuck around to be main characters and there is no reason to think Ahsoka will either.

Also agree on the Darksaber. It’s a major part of the Mandalorian story, Death Watch, etc…and fits perfectly within the story they are telling. It’s not about lightsabers, it’s about one lightsaber, that is a major part of Mandalorian history.


If you think there is a product out there that Disney/Lucasfilm will not license, think again:

Just waiting for the Lightsaber Sex Toys to come out.


I wonder how long it will be before we see Rey “May the freshness be with you” Vagisil cream?


Lmao wtf


So most who watch the Mandalorian know at the end of the last episode Moff Gideon wants the Child to extract metachlorians to create clones with force abilities…presumably Dark Troopers.

So naturally the comic 1st appearance spec community becomes interested in What book did these troopers first appear.

Well, Star Wars Tales #4 seems to be heating up. I grabbed one today…here are a few shots from the interior.



But I read online that they first appear in Dark Empire II #2.

I think i know where a copy is…hoping to pick it up tomorrow.

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I got the vibe that these are trials for Snoke. The test tube bodies almost looked like Snoke. One even had a crack in his dome.

I thought they looked like Vader bots was going to ask if there was every any Vader bots in the comics. But Mando is getting hard to watch for me, Luke’s a Jedi Master in this time period the rebels know what’s going on with Moff and all this as shown in the last couple episodes. So why doesn’t Han, Luke, Lando, Chewbacca, Leia, put an end to it already.

Isn’t that like asking Superman’s to solve all the universe’s problems?

It was in a far galaxy a long long time ago… They forgot to mention its a huge galaxy… :wink:

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Dark trooper figures also bumped up as well. Fun stuff. I love seeing things like this that have been in the background for years realized on screen.

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