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The real plot hole is going to be when they get ahold of this child and he says “Noooo!” and throw a tantrum Like all small children do…but not all children can crush you with their force powers while having said tantrum…

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Pics of the fig & the lore from it (which fits with the Mandalorian).


Im pretty sure Snoke’s theme was playing when they showed the test tube clones too.

It would be such a ridiculously silly subversion if expectations if that wasn’t Boba Fett. First of all, I’m pretty sure Temeura Morrison is listed as Boba Fett on the cast on IMDB. Second, Mando went there looking for Mandalorians and Boba is the only one we know of on Tatooine. While it’s arguable if Boba is Mandalorian by blood or oath (I contest neither), Captain Rex is certainly neither and no other clones are that we know of.

Long story short, they’d have to break their narrative backs to make that somebody other than Boba.

I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan and I only just watched them all last year. An hour on the treadmill or bike every day, watching two episodes a day while doing it. I managed to watch every episode of the Clone Wars and catch up, yet I’m somehow 15lbs heavier because of this damn pandemic!

To be honest, there are great lists out there that point out the essential episodes. There are the main Jedi/Mandalorian/Emperor episodes and then the fillers. A lot of the fillers are fun, but not essential for lore.

They already explained that Krayt dragons eat sarlac pits so I assume that will be how Boba escaped.

Snoke was a reject emperor clone, so I think these are eventually emperor clones.

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Mando takes place a good 25-30 years before Episode 7 when we first see Snoke, and a good 20 years or more before Rise of Kylo Ren. Clones can be grown/made as adults not babies like Boba and his brethren. We also saw a chamber full of Snokes in Episode 9.

This good be the experiments that lead to Snoke. It is in Legends for sure, and potentially canon that cloning a Force sensitive being is incredibly hard and usually ends in failure.

May explain why Snoke had that disfigurement and scars too. I’m enjoying the series so far. Cant wait for next episode up late after Thanksgiving catching Mando n some late night eats.

BnB, no not Bed n Breakfast but rather Bodega and Baby Yoda.

Hey, the art on the back of the blister card is Star Wars Tales 4!

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With the anticipation Ashoka may make her debut Friday, there is some chat out there about Age of Republic Special being Her first Cannon appearance in comics.

Judge for yourself.

Mace Windu #5 (12-27-17: single shot cameo via Windu memory flashback.):

Darth Vader 14 (4-11-18: only closeup of head appears with a helmet on in a vision/flashback)


Age of Republic Special #1 (1-16-19: appears on the screen of a bounty puck, then on another page in a Asajj Ventress flashback/memory. She is named in this book a few times for what it’s worth)

There you have it.

Pump and Dumpers will make EVERYTHING a 1st appearance.

Only thing that matters is 1st Comic Appearance.


Outside of Clone Wars #1 which is certainly “the” book to have, I still like the Age of Republic Special the best.

I’m not saying the others aren’t ok and certainly they are appearances of Ahsoka prior to the special, but I feel like she is actually part of the story, integral to the actual plot in the Age of Republic Special . My opinion means squat with regards to the general and I realize that.


And buy low, sell high, sell what others are buying…

$50 for 12 Macarons that are only 9oz total? I’m in the wrong business… here I come…


that applies to everything for sure, not just comics!

I like to buy low while high.


You and @jcLu.

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