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Was disappointed when I clicked on the link…

Sweet god, Disney. Know you no shame? It’s a f$&ckin’ macaron. I can go buy 12 blue ones for 12 bucks at the specialty grocer around the block.

Oh well. I guess Williams Sonoma has the first official IRL appearance of blue macarons.


Thrawn #1 Mattina

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Spoiler alert (sort of) for my line below…just in case. Stop here! :slight_smile:

Very glad I graded my copies of Heir to the Empire when I did.

What awful timing. I was going to win an auction ending today to get issue 1.

watched about 5 mins of Mando shut it off cancelled my Disney+ account all this time paying and no Marvel shows.

Yea it kinda sucks but we were supposed to have some shows already and Black Widow in theaters and then Covid happened so I’m not super mad about it.

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Disney laid off 32,000 people for Black Friday in the middle of a pandemic I’m not going to give them $7 a month any more for their lacking content streaming service.


They could of laid these employees off months ago when there was some kind of pandemic assistance and bonus unemployment but instead chose to deny the severity of the pandemic and ruin a bunch of peoples holidays.


Mandalorian has been great. Finally SW done right.


This is my issue with big mega corporations and some rich folk that I have known or worked for in my lifetime. They act like if they spend JUST ONE MORE DIME they’ll have to live off of Top Ramen and hot dogs for a year. They will pay as little as possible, offer as few benefits as possible, cut corners wherever possible all to save money and take more for themselves. I understand a business and people needing to make sure they keep expenses down so they don’t find themselves under water but, quite honestly, if you’re going to drive around in a Porsche, have a mansion of a home, and only use $500 imported ink pens to sign your contracts but your employees can’t afford a mortgage or rent THERE IS A PROBLEM.


I grew up near Disneyland so I have several friends and family who got impacted by it.

But to play devil’s advocate, there is the possibility that people weren’t laid off earlier because any pandemic assistance D got required a certain number of employees not be laid off. Now that a lot of those pandemic programs are expired (which I won’t talk any more about because of the politics rules) that just may have been how the timing worked.

But the bottom line is still that they’ll more than rebound from any losses in a year or two, and they didn’t NEED to let so many people go. I’d be curious to see how all their executives pay looks like during the pandemic and closures.


I think I read an article on that sometime back.

Oh, here it is.

Disney” Executive Chairman Bob Iger will forgo his salary and new CEO Bob Chapek will take a 50% pay cut because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to an internal email obtained by CNBC.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported on the email from Chapek to employees.

Other Disney executives will take pay cuts as well, Chapek said in the email. Employees at the vice president level will have their salaries reduced by 20%, senior vice presidents by 25% and executive vice presidents and above by 30%, according to the email.”

Not sure if other companies may have done the same. Did Six Flags, AMC and the cruise lines keep everyone on their payroll and cut executive salaries? I am sure there will be some others knowledgeable to answer that. I know airlines made some layoffs and got some govt funding.

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The salary info is at least good to see, but bonuses will be another thing to keep an eye on.

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Airline has turned into more of a necessity.

Sadly, theme parks are not a necessity. I hate seeing people laid off but I’m surprised they lasted this long until all options were exhausted. Employees (payroll) are all businesses biggest expense. If people can’t visit the parks, you can’t keep paying employees to sit around and do nothing for the most part, that’s just bad for business.

Most of them should be qualified for unemployment if full time. Yes, unemployment is utter crap for pay but it’s better than nothing. It does suck there’s no additional government stimulus to help ease the financial burden for some of these people. Hopefully most can land jobs elsewhere or were smart to save money for when the “shit his the fan” life throws at us.

I never said anything but over the summer my company, who’s a billion dollar company took advantage of the pandemic and furloughed tons of employees, me included for 4 months. I did contract work (it pays to be devops tech professional, high demand). I didn’t once qualify for any unemployment benefits during my furlough (except one week where I was limited on contract work)… but even if I didn’t contract, I have a cash pile I’ve been saving up that I could probably survive a good 2-3 years on if I went to strictly cash budget, pay bills and buy food only.

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Sadly when companies are trying to save money they start cutting from the bottom up. I looked it up though and will give it to Disney, the CEOs and such all took pay cuts. Still sucks for the people who live paycheck to paycheck. I mean 50% pay cut of 3 million is still you making 1.5 million while 32,000 people go jobless :frowning_face:

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I’m pretty sure they sold enough animatronic “The Child” at $60 a pop and Black Series Mando toys to pay all their employees for a year.

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Doubtful… Remember, companies as big as Disney have interdepartmental billing and budgets, different divisions, etc. It’s easier said than done.

Giving up any percentage of ‘way too much’ isn’t exactly a sacrifice. So they get 8 million in salary instead or 10 million. That doesn’t address the actual propblem of over paid executives and over worked/under paid employees. In fact, those salary cuts exemplify the issue.


When you combine the last 3 fiscal quarters going through the pandemic Disney lost $6.9 Billion in operating income. That’'s crazy.

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