ToddW eBay listings

Not much variety and only a few books but figured I’d maybe get some more views.

ToddW Active eBay Listings

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Very nice! :slight_smile:

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The Kamala Khan 2nd print is solid, good luck!

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A solid $66 investment in March. It was a long term hold but if I can get close to a grand I’ll take it.

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I got mine out of a $5 below pack. Should send it off for grading.

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I don’t think it’s cooling down soon. I’ve had up to an $900 including shipping offer but my lowest is $900 + Shipping. Actually someone here on the forums. I’m not encouraging them to reach out to me through the forums messaging system to do off eBay but I’m surprised they haven’t.

If it’s a nice copy send it in. It’ll probably be more valuable when you get it back. I’m sure announcements will be coming up soon.

I hope Amadeus Cho gets hotter. I have his first appearance in newsstand. That book had a pretty low print run and I’ve only seen the one newsstand. Actually I have a direct or two as well. Along with a newsstand of his 2nd appearance.

You should and can if you want. Whole point is, if you can bypass eBay, then you save money.

I should make a CHU meme that makes fun of Geico… “You Can Save 10% by Switching to CHU for Sale & Trading Forums” :slight_smile:

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That’s doable but I don’t know who he is.

Oh I just meant in general, push the sale through CHU forums and aside from eBay. If they contact you through eBay, probably best to finish any transactions that way.

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Gotcha. Well if they’re reading this and still want it they’ll reach out.

Figured I’d add some pics of the big key here. Anything that appears like a crease at the bottom or smudges are reflections and not actually on the book.

So this book is still listed but I should have an offer coming in tomorrow from another board member who I’ve promised to “save” it for. I’ve raised the price to deter others and promised to only sell to them unless someone pays full price. So after tomorrow I should have another big sale to add to my purchase and selling thread. Most of the proceeds will pay for auto repairs and some unexpected household expenses. Some will obviously go back into comics as well.


So an update on the marvel now point one 2nd print cgc 9.6 sold for $1360 including shipping. I tried to hold for another board member here but it was an extra $300 I couldn’t leave on the table. Paid $66 towards the end of March of this year on eBay.

So between two books that I spent a total of $125 including shipping on several months ago on eBay sold for a combined total including shipping of $2620.


I’ve got some new stuff listed including Incredible Hulk #100 Newsstand. It’s the 2nd Appearance of Amadeus Cho and the only one one eBay.

Incredible Hulk #100

If the link doesn’t work I can update it.

Figured I’d bump this as I’ve got some new books listed. A few graded keys along with some Late Modern Newsstands.

ToddW Active eBay Listings

Just bumping the thread. Don’t have a ton listed but do have some minor keys in newsstand.

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Captain America #6 Newsstand CGC 9.0

Just listed a copy of Captain America #6 CGC 9.0 Newsstand. I can’t really cut any deals as it’s a consignment of sorts. I think it would grade higher with a press and cleaning.

Bunch of Darth Vader #3’s listed.

Here’s a link to the Star Wars category for those who can’t bother to scroll up. :wink:

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