ToddW eBay listings

Just bumping my sales thread. Buy something will ya?!

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I just lowered a bunch of prices along with best offers.

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I will be listing these books over the next few days to fund a new lens for my camera. Young Avengers #1-6, 8-12. Some Modern Newsstand Ghost Rider “keys”GR28 from Aaron’s run and the first appearances of the first(?) female Ghost Rider As well as a few Marvel Assistant Size Spectacular #2’s Elsa & Galacta “keys”. Vision #1 and Jeff the Land Sharks first appearance in West Coast Avengers #7.

If you’re looking for any of those books at reasonable prices let me know and we can work something out outside of eBay.


I’m in a selling phase as I’ve bought way to much and it’s getting crowded. I have a ton of other books I’m willing to sell. I have a nice collection of modern newsstands, 12 or 13 bins of graded books, several bins of the first phase of the high republic, and alot of fillers.