Ultimate Pickup and Sales Thread

Don’t want to start your own topic to share your weekly pickups or what you sold, post them here to create the ultimate pickup and sales thread.

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You can see my pickup and sales thread at Todd’s Pickups and Sales Thread

My shipment of comics came in the mail. I am like an addict when they hit my mailbox. It’s like X-Mas.


I usually don’t post my new comics here, but since others do I thought why not for today. :smirk:


Fun little pick up. Out of the way little antique shop. Had about 8 or 9 long boxes. Everything was .50 cents a book. All very nice/bagged & boarded. The Aliens is a 3rd print. Big stack of the Darkness. I was especially pleased with the Campbell Buffy (and was a bit proud of myself for spotting a few of these). Spec digging is an ever developing talent.


Paid $150 sold for $300+ $5 shipping in 4 mins. It was priority mail so listed immediately after buying it. It looked better than the picture I might of kept it had it not already been sold.


Also got the hot Thor ratio books I’m selling from the same place, lots of looks and watchers no buyers yet.

Mail from this wknd and today


I got to step mine up a notch. You got some nice pick-ups in there.

Is that Spawn 309?

:joy:. I never noticed the comic was put in backwards.


Thought maybe you’d be in charge of early spoilers there for a moment…

Few more from the last week. I actually got a bunch but already filed them.


Midtown did that to me. I was pissed and thought it was a wrong cover

The same guy who bought my Strange academy #1 1:50 just bought my Thor #5 1:25, and told me he will take the Thor #2 1:25 in a couple days if still available.

Today haul… my shop was aware of the “hot” books and did there usual 1 per customer. I’m not mad cause I notify them way ahead so they were put n my pulls. And I had the major spec books preordered from unknowncomics months out.

I never have issues with such policies myself.

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Me neither it allowed someone like me to grab a copy while I wait for my preorders so everyone has a fair shot at the books.

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