Venom #19 Lee Virgin Store Variant

The virgin store variant is available at unknown comics. Looks amazing. Totally worth every penny. Take care all.

Buyer beware. I have had several horrible experiences from past orders from Unknown. Please also note the small disclaimer that they have for every raw book they sell;

‘ We guarantee 9.2+ condition of book unless otherwise stated’

They also are not advertising the print run on the book, which is shady. The print run for this book is 3000 copies. And at $25 + shipping for a 9.2 copy, it is not a good investment, at all, for speculation, imo.

‘ A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need’

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Buy what you like though… nobody is going to stop you!

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I have never had a single issue with unknown comics. Every book I’ve ordered has been 9.4 +. Mutant Beaver comics in Canada is outright garbage though terrible customer service.

Have you noticed readers that every time someone mentions a store variant, the same people come spreading their hate.

I really wonder why this is tolerated by this site, over and over again.

Keep in mind that the art on this book isn’t the only reason to buy. 3000 copies is minuscule compared to the print run on the trade dress.

What is the ‘hate’ that you are referring too, @Anon. I simply posted about my bad experience with a retailer, to help fellow readers make an informed decision. I stated the price, the stores own disclaimer, and the print run, with my opinion on its speculation potential (zero). That is not hate. Those are facts. You however were ‘hating’ on Mutant Beaver pretty heavy…

We appreciate your contributions, but it is hard to take you serious when you make false accusations, and within that false accusation, you literally perpetrate exactly what you were accusing others of. Pot, meet Kettle.
You like the book. I dont. Why does my opinion bother you so much? Im just a lowly ‘french’ Canadian mutant. :canada::v:

He did nothing wrong, he stated his experience and opinion without attacking others.

How many times? How many threads? Have you posted your “opinion” in. Let it be known to all that this day jcLu fro Mutant Beaver Comics has expressed his utter disdain for unknown comics and store variants. Now let’s wait and see how long it will take you to do it again.

Why is it that this site has no forum rules what’s so ever?

What are you talking about? They’re posted as a greeting topic and in the Site Feedback category. I’ve pointed them out to you before. That’s when you said you were done and can’t be a part of a site that has such rules.

Would it not be hypocritical of me, if I was from Mutant Beaver (a store with their own variants), to have disdain for store variants? Lol

No I mean real rules. Thats a paragraph that says nothing about trolls, nothing about siting sources. It is basically saying be nice and we will decide what goes on our site.

Yes it would

This is a casual forum. It’s not like we’re trying to run Wikipedia here in a formal manner.

We finally agree on something. :grin:

What would you like cited, @Anon?

Just to toss it out there…it’s a shared exclusive with Comics Elite and I’ve always had great interactions with them. They did go through some growing pain that required me following up/checking on some orders a few times, but they were always responsive. I’ve always gotten great shipping/nice books and I think the owner does his best to support the business/make customers happy.

Also, this specific book can be included in a “Buy 2 get 1 Free” special on their site.
Book is also shipped in a top loader.

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Every Marvel store variant w/ 1 cover has a 3000 print run. According to your investment advice, @Anon, literally every Marvel store exclusive is a ‘good investment’. I believe it has been proven time and time again that that is the complete opposite of the how the market actually works. I can show you 1000 store variants that are worthless, for every 1 store variant that you can show me that had longer legs.


wish i could like this comment more than once, only time to buy a store variant is for PC or if on the rare occasion that store variant has the 1st and only cover app of a new character, such as the comic odyssey variant for new agents of atlas. who had 1st cover of wave by mico suayan

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I’ve had multiple bad experiences with Unknown Comics. The last one I had 100 copies of a regular cover ordered and it still wasn’t put in the post three weeks after it’s Wednesday release the books were going to be for a signing at the local comic con. Told them I wanted it cancelled because they weren’t going to be here in time for the purpose I bought them for. They cancelled not only that order but my 4 other orders as well. I gave them a big FU and enjoyed my $500 refund while they got stuck with 100 copies of a non moving lenticular.

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I order from unknown all the time. I actually have three orders in with them now. Always got my books. Yeah, a couple took longer to get mailed but a quick phone call fixed it (both were during the height of convention season and I think they were attending some and were short staffed). They were pleasant to me and willing to help when I called. I will say their responding to email is not great. But that’s why I like online ordering from B&M stores that have phone numbers you can talk to a human (cough cough…comic xposure cough).

I do this every time JClu posts his cautions about unknown. I counter his couple bad experiences with my literally 40+ good ones over the past couple years.

Sorry JCLu and Alana had bad experiences…maybe it’s a distance thing (Canada & Hawaii). I can’t say. It most complaints are shipping promptness from what I can tell. I’ve always gotten 9.4 or better…,90% of the time they are 9.6 or better unless there’s an issue with the print run (e.g., Canto) or the crappy ink marvel uses for covers rubs off on the backing board. That is an issue with any shop.

As for shop variants…,yeah, aside from a early cover appearance with great art (Dark Nights Metal #3 Martina, ASM 798 Mathew) these books are worthless. Buy it for the PC but don’t expect to hit the jackpot.

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