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how high did waters get there? if just a few inches all you have to do is keep stuff off the floor

2 inches in that spot during Ismelda, which was (for my previous home) worse than Harvey. Even though it rained for 5 days during Harvey and only a few hours during Ismelda. We did some due diligence on the property and the new flood control measures which were put in place after the storms before we bought. I think we will be ok, but only time will tell. Like Brendan said, the expensive stuff will be on the top :wink:

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When we bought our house they apparently had had some very minor flooding once in one of the basement bedrooms. (It’s a daylight basement.) But they cleaned it all up, replaced everything, had a company out to improve the drainage in the area, etc. Everything was totally fine through the first 8 months (including some huge rain storms) and then suddenly one day during just regular drizzling rain about an inch of water pooled up in the bedroom. No one could figure out how/why it flooded, because outside was fine, it was just that ONE part of a room, etc. Ultimately they just decided the ground water must have risen up high enough below that room to seep through the foundation. So we had to tear the room apart, put in an internal drain system + sump pump, and it hasn’t flooded or had any issues in the 8 years since. But about once a year the pump kicks on in the middle of the night and usually scares the crap out of our daughter (it’s her room).

But that ONE time has made me paranoid for life any time I ever see anyone dealing with a place that has had flooding or water issues, and I still kind of get nervous every time there’s a big rain storm that maybe THIS time it will flood again. Stupid brain.


They probably removed that much dry wall because it soaked up from the bottom of the slabs to that line. Doesn’t necessarily mean the water was up that high.

It looks like they also put the drywall on horizontally, so that would be just the bottom piece. Much easier to just rip that whole piece off than to cut out the damage and then deal with trying to put patched on/cut pieces and make them look good.

Drywall comes in 4’ sections, so when you get water you remove up to where the next section starts. That way it is easier to just come in and replace the damage with prefabbed sections.

So whether you get 1” or 40”, it’s all the same :slight_smile:


That’s what she said.


I think she’d disagree…

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Another update on the shop…they are starting Monday to renovate and that will take about 2 weeks…then we can start moving stuff over and start getting things going again! While we still won’t be taking preorders yet, we will be offering some sales on inventory that has piled up…

Thanks for the patience ya’ll have shown, really appreciate it.


Cant wait. I truly miss those bundle for these spider books. Hopefully your up and running for the new spider-man series

Booth 2132 at Comicpalooza Houston! Stop by and say hi :slight_smile:


I am too far away to stop by. However, I can bestow upon you a digital :handshake:.

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Have fun!

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How are the shop renovations going?

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They were supposed to be complete, and they are probably 95% done, but I’m not giving the final payment until they clean up and fix a few things. Close though!


good luck - I was thinking of it because contractors can be such a disaster. Watching my sister go through a kitchen remodel that’s half done and the contractor bailing due to lack of help.

This is why I just do most things myself. I only get professionals on pieces of the pie! :wink:


Oh man that sucks! I tried out a new contractor this time…usually I have used one we have a history with, but I liked the way this guy quoted details. It would have been done already but we added a few items on and the place apparently didn’t have electricity running to it :man_shrugging:… we have no clue where the wiring goes… now it’s good though!

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I agree, but that makes it harder to find a good contractor as they don’t want to work on small projects…no money there.

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It’s usually like tile work and or sheet rock, you can always find someone willing for these things.