Also, don’t assume they went with the “cheap” paper to save costs. There was an issue with the quality of the colors on the other paper they used…so this paper may have been the solution to the fading color issue.

Just saying a lot of “facts” being thrown around based on assumptions or minimal information.

Will see for myself this afternoon. If I find a 9.8 I’ll list it for $100 and pump it up, lol. Rare! One of a Kind! Never Been Read!! CGC it!!!


dont forget HIGH GRADE!!! and a bunch of fire emojis

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I will try to squeeze it in…character limits and all make it challenging.

Also need to consider WOW and L@@k!!


Throw in an eggplant emoji too, just because the deal is so, “Exciting.”


I’d recommend adding “NEVER READ. NEVER TOUCHED. NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT!!!” just to prove to buyers that you are a true pro.


Grabbed a copy of this, and the front cover is flawless. No spine issues or big scratches, as seen elsewhere. Back cover has a vertical printer indentation. All store copies had it. But, new printing definitely improves the look of the cover when compared to the recalled print.

One of my stores complained the whole bunch came damaged and another one said they came in fine. The question is how much are actually beat up and how much are OK?

And how many more copies will they print!!!

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Going for the Whatnot CGC exclusive of “Never even printed, blank pages certified CGC 10”?

I labeled it cheap paper because its cheap paper.

Wait i thought only Bill at Economics had damaged copies and that this printing issue was a one off


I think Bill of EIC was saying they did it to save money. It may seem “cheap” in terms of quality, but I don’t think anyone really knows if cost was a factor in why they chose.

Marvel loves this stuff…but seems to pick and choose which books get it.

Well, no copies. Sold out. So no listing for me. :cry:

My shop gets nothing anymore.

Cheap paper is cheap paper. Definite drop in quality from OG print’s paper. This is also thee dumbest back n forth on these boards currently, so genuinely, who cares if our definition of cheap doesnt align. Downgrade is a downgrade.

But the “cheap” paper provided higher “quality” in terms of more vibrant colors.

My point is how you describe “cheap” is your opinion, and not based on anything relevant to cost.

When I went to my LCS today, I picked up 2 copies and made sure there were no spine tics or defects. The two I bought of cover A were fine. I also have all of the recalled issues too from two weeks ago and all of those are okay too. I bought the new ratio vairants last night off of one of the FB shows that I follow and they had all of these marked as NM with no issues. We will see when these others get here next week.

Also, I’m not sure what Bill at EIC is talking about, but the paper still feels like Image Comics quality. I’ll check this paper against the recalled ones to see, but no way is this paper as bad as some of the Marvel Toilet paper themed books we have had the past year.

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Can you check the indica? Is it identified as a “second printing?”

Imagine if publishers printed a version of comics on extra-nice paper and charged an extra dollar for it, like they’ve done with cardstock covers at points? I should shut my mouth before someone gets an idea to do it, actually.

I mean literally you have both printings. The first one isnt cardstock but its that in between more durable paper. The new printing is glossy dynamite paper. The first print will be far easier to get 9.8s than this recent reprint. Youll see lots of 9.2s in the “second” print.

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