Seems a bit odd to launch this when there are still copies of the 1st print DUK spot foil cover (same art, limited to 750) sitting around at retailers.


If there’s money to be made, they will go for the money grab…

The Jenny Frison Greyscale variant iv’e seen hit $100 on ebay a few times. I pre-ordered 2.

I dug the first issue, it was really creepy and a lot more twisted than I expected. Not sure what the deal is with the naked lady (PH3AR) or however you spell it. She seems to like being naked and killing folks tho.

I thought there would be more nudity from comments people were making. But I found it somewhat tame by Indy standards.

But I just flipped through quick.

It is nowhere near the level of, “Faithless,” or old Avatar Press stuff, but it’s more than you’d see in a Marvel or DC book for sure!

I picked a couple copies of cover A, and one of the copies had some pages in the middle cut too short. Has anyone else heard or seen anything about this?

I have not heard about this. Can you show us some pics?

Recalled, eh?

We’ll grade that!


When the All Star Batman and Robin was recalled, the book came out right before Baltimore comic con. Jim Lee was there. He was not supposed to sign the recalled copies at the DC signing booth. I walked up with a cgc rep he signed it. I was walking away and then he asked if it was the recalled copy. I said yes. He said “oh I wasn’t supposed to sign that”. Cgc took the book from me and graded it.


CGC is the poster child for business integrity. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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What do you mean “graded it?” Did they do it for free and give it back?

They slabbed and graded it even though they were told they were not supposed to.

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I mean they graded “invisible” comics from Bad Idea so this doesn’t surprise me at all. There’s no low they won’t go to make a few bucks. The whole acetategate fiasco really highlighted how out to lunch they were.


Why should CGC take instruction from a publisher on what copies to grade and what not to? They just grade what they’ve given.

That’s true. They just grade what is given to them.
So if invisible comics are given to them, it’s a-ok to me.
The invisible comic grades are no less consistent than everything else they grade; including dealer added acetate covers.
Ah yes… the model of integrity. Any business can do what they want, but there’s that little “I” word and it’s impact on the opinion of hobbyists.

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I’m going to send in the comic my daughter created from that mail away kit you can buy at target.

If I find an authorized witness, I’ll even have her sign it and get a yellow label.


Well… yeah, if you like. Why not. And they’ll grade it, because that’s what they do.

The bottom is the good the top is miscut.