Walmart Packs - 2023

Assuming Walmart is still doing these, next round should be out this week or next.

This is a placeholder for the first batch of 2023. Keep an eye out!


I think these are all new


Not a single spider-verse or Star Wars book.

Not feeling this.


Are these all new art?

Spider-Man double trouble?

The key, if you’re looking to flip, will be which book is short packed (1 vs 2 or 3). Star Wars 25 was a good flip last round…even though it wasn’t a key or original art.

Nothing at my Walmart yet.

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Appears so.

And that one might be the winner if short packed. But where are doc’s arms coming from? Is this a wrap around?

A Moon Knight one? Hmm.

Showed up at my local Walmart. Here’s the breakdown for what I saw:

Death Notes x3
Wakanda #1 x2
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 x2
Moon knight Annual #1 x2
Doctor strange #1 x2
Black Panther Unconquered x1
Deadpool #001 x1
Double Trouble #1 x1

Here’s what I grabbed:

I’m thinking Deadpool is the best bet for a flip. But from what I’ve seen from posts in other forums nothing exciting inside these packs so far this round.

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I know I routinely post this, but just in case someone new begins to follow the thread.

These packs are not exclusive to Walmart. They continue to distribute these at the same time they hit Walmart to a pretty big chain in the Midwest known as Meijers. Saw them there yesterday.

I saw the same breakdown that @D-Rog listed.

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Ah, forgot they started to appear in other places. Does anyone recall which chains carry them? Other than Meijers.

Took the two packs I had purchased back. Lack luster cover art plus poor choices of cover books (not to mention lack of incentives inside) make for a bust this quarter.

Get back to spider-verse abs Star Wars!!!

I did sell one of my spider-verse Walmart variants from the last round this weekend.

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I kinda gave up on Walmart packs once the incentives dried up. But I looked through the packs tonight. I found one that had a bagged and boarded book as the last book. Couldn’t tell what it was, but I figured it had to be an X-Men 1 or something amazing, right?

Well, nope. A cool Sam Keith Wolverine cover though. But, have you ever found a Walmart pack with a bagged and boarded book? I figured it was worth the gamble.


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Never seen them bagged and boarded like that.

Anyone live outside Philly I found the honey hole of a Walmart (a real dump too maybe that is why) but they had tons o Walmart packs. Not seeing any variants so I passed but let me know if you are interested and outside Philly

How old are theses packs?

I would say the only one worth taking t a gamble on are the ones that had the 1:50 ASM 55. White cover with grey webbing was easy to spot.

I think these also had the Venom 1:1000 variant.

If I’m correct this was the “orange sticker” wave.l (3Q 2021).

I honestly do not know. I didn’t pay attention, I should have taken a picture.

In the last wave of double re-packs last fall, where they pack up two 3-packs and throw in a random 7th book, people were finding those Venom 1:1000s again. Sounded like they were in the X-Men Blue #1 packs.

They had thee large pack DC ones though, with the wide board bigger than the books.

Be on the lookout the next few weeks. Books last came out mid Feb, which means Mid May will be the next round.

They started showing up May 6th last year.