WandaVision Trailer

Looks pretty cool, and I’m not a fan/follower of vision or scarlet witch.

I like Vision but yeah… I bet they put a lot of effort into it from the looks of it. I bet it ends up as a great show.

Alana on the main site pointed out Spectrum in the trailer.

If she’s Spectrum (which she likely portrays in the show), I believe Mighty Avengers #1 (2013) was her first appearance as Spectrum.

Monica’s first appearance though is way back in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 as Captain Marvel.

Both are dirt cheap for you first app. junkies…

ASM ANNUAL 16 is the book to have.


Yeah, she’s taken on several names and roles over the years…

ASM is her first appearance. That’s what ppl will want

Maybe but that was her as Captain Marvel. If she’s Spectrum in the show, it could swing that way as well. Honestly they’re both dirt cheap books currently, grab both if you find them. :wink:

Looks weird, which makes me happy. I’ve been finding the latest Marvel movies have kind of felt way too bland and lacked the zany weird stuff I liked in the earlier flicks. I’m all for more of a horror-weird tone. The last Marvel flick I really dug was, “Doctor Strange,” so my tastes are clearly different, however.

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IMO…this is one of the best…and not easy to find.


Gonna get my subscription going again for this.

thx i snatched 2 x MIGHTY AVENGERS,#2 Francavilla-c 1/50 from my lcs.
I also get 4 x Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 nm at a good price.

Dirt cheap? ASM annual #16 has been a $100 book for a year or two now.

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I stand corrected, the book has def cooled off before this trailer was released. But it still was not ‘dirt cheap’. :man_shrugging:

The twins are still conspicuously absent. Wondering if we’ll get Billy & Tommy, or if they’ll throw Viv into the mix.

Come on, Viv!!! That I want to see. I loved Viv in Kings maxi series and in the Wasteland books. :diamonds:

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Yeah she’s fast become a favourite of mine - loved the awkwardly romantic/platonic subplot between her and Riri in the latest Champions run, and her Wastelands appearance was a pleasant surprise.

With Jocasta unlikely for the MCU, and Vision dead (don’t see him surviving the series, Wanda needs something to push her over the eve before Strange 2) I could see Viv becoming an important figure in the films.

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I forgot the emoji! :diamonds: Perfection!

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I think, and I know I’m not alone in this, that Scarlet Witch is going to be the catalyst for Marvels horror side. Here’s a link to an old article I wrote that touches on that premise.

Depends on one’s own definition… have you looked at sold listings? Was as low as $20 in some actual auctions with bids within the past 3 days… There’s even a current buy it now at $9.95 with two other issues. We’ll see it go up again now with the trailer but I stand by my definition of “dirt cheap”… which means, it’s still affordable for most people and collectors. :wink:

I counted around 100 sold listings for this book at $30 or less… in past 60 days… that’s dirt cheap ya’ll… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: