We all hate store variants but

In for two!

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Me too.

Really pumping their WhatNot sales this week.

Their Facebook group hasn’t really had an update since March 1 when they said they were working on their restructuring plan as part of their bankruptcy so that they can stay in business. I don’t know why anyone would trust them.


They are literally on whatnot doing sales everyday all day, in not exaggerating. I see their streams everyday on there.

They are selling off the inventory they have in stock (probably should be sent to the customers who already purchased) in hopes of paying back their major creditors in order to start the process all over again.


Avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid….


Yeah I’ve never bought from them and it’s pretty ■■■■■■ up that they can sell something that others have actually paid for. Getting out of their debt by selling stolen merchandise. Just bad all around. They didn’t pay the artists who did the covers, the publishers/distributors for the books. As well as selling those items to paying customers who never received them and now selling them to others legally as part of a bankruptcy?! They should’ve been charged criminally which they weren’t.