What Movies are you watching?

I like Ethan Hawke’s work a lot but, “Black Phone,” just didn’t look particularly interesting.

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Not a movie but recently watched Cyberpunk show on Netflix and I was really pleasantly surprised. I am not a gamer or a big anime watcher but this show was excellent entertainment to me.

Not kid friendly lots of violence.

Glad I have some copies of Cyberpunk 1 tucked away somewhere… that pink variant is the money book.

Hope they do more with this show. :+1:


I just saw Barbarian a very good horror movie. This coming Monday the Regal near me is showing a “Mystery” upcoming rated R movie for $5, I’m hoping it’s Halloween Ends.

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I really liked the show too, I thought it did a better job of showing the world of cyberpunk and night city than the game did. Rebecca was my favorite character

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Well, I hit Shudder hard today. Watched Await Further Instruction, 13 Cameras and Revealer tonight. All were good in different ways. Of the 3, I’d recommend Await Further Instruction the most, though the other 2 are no slouches at all!!

Anyone here have the Shudder streaming service?