Whatnot App

getting ready to turn in my preliminary aug order form (get the obvious stuff out the way)
and then theres that whatnot book alpha betas
honestly with all this crap going on this week im not ordering it ( maybe on foc date if there is one )
i can see every "major whatnot store having a different exclusive

Never even heard of it.

yeap whatnot is now a publisher too

I feel like the EIC guy is being a touch over-dramatic, but I also believe he’s right in that it’s really suspect for CGC to be on Whatnot. No way do they join just to do giveaways; they are not going to do that for free. They were either paid by Whatnot and/or are taking part of the artists’ individual sales.

I caught the Jim Lee and Scott Williams streams today. Williams debuted his own Whatnot account during SDCC, but there’s no way someone like Lee is going to bother with Whatnot on his own. I’ll agree with EIC on that, too.

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Let’s get back on topic and not let this drift into politics please. The rules state, no politics!


Yes, let’s get back on topic and whatnot.

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I see no logical reason for CGC being on whatnot, or needing whatnot. They don’t have a brand recognition problem in the comic community. They don’t need any of this. If anything, they’re creating a brand problem by working with ‘influencer’ plagued apps like whatnot.

I feel like there must be a few younger marketing hires at CGC who are making decisions without really understanding the CGC customer base bec they’ve been leading CGC down a very wrong, dangerous road. CGC doesn’t need to be “cool”, they need to be trustworthy. Accurate, impartial and trustworthy. That’s it!

I can’t imagine it’s the old guard at CGC that is responsible for this, because really, can they be this stupid?


CGC is now owned by Blackstone, so it’s not younger marketing people, it’s just investors likely calling the shots now. I predicted this when it was announced they were purchased, it’s downhill from that point on…

Blackstone is a leading global investment business investing capital on behalf of pension funds, large institutions and individuals. Our mission is to create long-term value for our investors through the careful stewardship of their capital. We invest across the alternative asset classes in private equity, real estate, credit and hedge funds as well as in infrastructure, life sciences, insurance and growth equity. Our efforts and capital grow hundreds of companies and support local economies.


CGC is going to do what makes them the most money, in other words?

Yup, they gotta please all those Blackstone investors now… they’re in charge!

You also have to remember that the most important metric to report to investors is quarterly earnings. So, the long-term strategy for CGC is at the bottom of the priority list now.

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I been watching Bry’s comics lately. It isn’t too bad, except he loves to mention KCC entirely too much in my opinion. I did win a slab giveaway on his stream the other day, and he included a copy of is We Live Age of Palladions #1 black metal exclusive.

I try not to say things like, “This was on KCC!” I just run my auctions and mention newsworthy stuff like if something was optioned, a character appeared in a show, etc. Those who have seen my shows can say whether I come across as too hype-sounding or too mellow. I just enjoy chatting with folks and selling stuff. In my last show, I tried the evening and it was slow, as one of my few viewers, @Anthony can attest. I have some really good stuff for my next show which will be a return to mid-morning on Mondays.

i’m pretty sure Bry was the guy who nick on key collector would highlights random spec pics like every week but they were absolute garbage and probably why he stopped highlighting that dude lol


Jim Lee’s Discord this morning


“It’s a liability to your reputation, Jim. It can do little to add to your resume and name recognition and a lot to ruin you in the eyes of fans.”


jim lee should just have his own store like alex ross or jsc does


Jim Lee should spend his time running DC before Discovery axes comics, he should also be involved with any DC films to correct course for the DCEU.


Jim Lee must not be getting good vibes from his fans while I bet getting the “no worries” vibes from CGC/WhatNot.

Maybe Mr. Lee cares about his reputation and not a cash grab… gasp :hushed:


Jim Lee has a reputation? Isn’t he the guy who made some Wildstorm comics in the 90s? Did he get up to much else after that?

Yes, I’m being silly. Jim Lee is a major figure in comics.

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