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Great show today! I missed the first half, but the rest was good. Psyched I actually won your giveaway as well! :sunglasses:

It was a great show today! I had decent viewership and people wanting to buy stuff. I think I had some really good comics which helped!


“Here, buy our mediocre garbage…”

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Flip them on Whatnot and make it a full circle of life!

How about flipping Whatnot the bird :wink:
I certainly have

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WhatNot publishing books and being buddy-buddy with certain “influencer” sellers would seem like a conflict of interest ripe for abuse.

I was going to say “oh man, I bet the preferred sellers on the platform are pissed they didn’t get these.” But, who am I kidding? They got ‘em.


The Whatnot influencers we all know and love are standup sellers and carry themselves so well.
I would never ever ever in a million years think thered be any possibility (cough, cough, acetate, cough) of anything questionable.

How’d they all get to the front of the line at Black Flag again?
Gosh - I just can’t imagine (cough cough exhibitor pass, cough cough)

Can’t wait for NYCC when I’m at the back of the line with my lowly “regular 4 day badge” and I see them standing up at the front of the line of the whatever hot NYCC exclusive. Did I say standup? Must have had the 2nd definition in mind.


100% correct. ANOTHER Bad Idea. . .

I heard Rob Liefeld does crazy Whatnot shows now, and I tuned in. I was not prepared. He’s wild.