Wonder Woman #759 1st Liar Liar in stock at Midtown limit 1

Selling for around $20 on eBay get it for cover at midtown limit 1 make sure you throw in a FCBD Spider-Man too.

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Grabbed one. Thanks!

yep…why not. I actually really liked this book.

Added WW and FCBD. I have like 5 copies of FCBD Spider-man and Venom (both Midtown and regular versions). Already selling on EBay for anywhere between $3-10. My wife said how does a free comicbook sell for $3-10? I said … that’s comic collecting. :wink:


That Jim Lee is a nice cover. Too bad sold out. Hard to find at places.

Forbidden Planet has the Jim Lee variants. I just bought some. Already some between $18-$30 on EBay with multiple live auctions on them.

If the character becomes something, this has potential to sneak up on people. Up until the SDCC panel everyone thought her first was 762 and they had the 1:25 of her on 762.

Grab that FCBD XMen too. Supposedly first apps in there.


Correct. I bought additional copies of Lee’s variant and will hold. I am not a hardcore flipper. I would have lost out on so much money if I just flipped. It’s like trading stocks, day trading Amazon makes a few pennies. Holding Amazon makes a few bucks.

On the flip side (no pun intended), for every 1 Amazon, there’s 1000s that don’t make money.

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Yep. That’s where the ‘investing’ comes into play. :wink:

I’d probably go on to say that 1000 could easily be 1,000,000 go on to never make money…

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Not to knock this Liar Liar character but I get the sense that this is just a grab at whatever they can grab at due to the slow week for DC this past Wednesday. Imagine if this book came out next week, would anyone be even talking about WW759 and Liar Liar? My magic eight ball says… “All Signs Point To No”


I actually almost made this book my DC pick of the week, cause there was literally nothing else coming out… but after reading the solicitation over and over, I was like… meh, sounds boring, I’d rather pick nothing from DC than pick the only thing that’s actually coming out. :slight_smile:

Understood so your saying the liar liar hype is because there is nothing else? Or is it just new character fomo?

Probably combination of both… seems all the rave now is any and all first appearances. So, nothing else comes out… hey look, this book had a first of a character, let’s take that one and run with it…

You never know with new characters. They can come out and be Meh. Then 2 years from now pop. Comics is so much like stock trading in a sense. I snagged some A/B covers for my hold and see boxes.

Yup. Nobody can truly predict what will happen in any market… if someone can or has, then, they are likely already sitting on their private island sipping martini’s… enjoying the good life. But everyone can guess, it always comes down to… yes or no… Buy this, ahh… didn’t make me millions. Buy this… oh look, that made me millions… :slight_smile:

Yep. I grabbed some copies of WW 759 cover B since it is Jim Lee cover + new character. I am ok with these sitting for now. My A copy is the reading copy. Story was actually decent.