Worthy? Batman Villain Collection (James Tynion)

I’m reaching out today to ask the community on whether or not if Tynion Batman Villains have any long term spec or valuation. I’m sure the people already realize that his story are mostly based on new characters with the exception of the Joker. Of the noticeable characters he has created:

  1. Punchline (Batman 89)
  2. Designer (Batman 90)
  3. Underbroker (Batman 91) I think
  4. Clownhunter (Batman 96)
  5. Ghostmaker (Batman 102)
  6. Miracle Molly (Batman 106 cameo)

Honestly, the only reason why Punchline is around is due to Joker not on the merit of this character establishment. (Look at Knightfall - dedication to Bane).

With that said, I ask the community, do you all think if Clownhunter, Ghostmaker or Molly has any long term spec.

For me, right now feels like a flash in the pan. Honestly speaking, none of them has the design or story to backup the value of these books.

If you have to choose one that not Punchline, who would you spec on? Clownhunter, Ghostmaker or Molly?

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We don’t know enough about Molly to say either way.

Besides Punchline I would bet on Clownhunter. I think he has the potential to become a hero or anti-hero in the DC Universe. Who knows he may even be Red X (I doubt it).

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I believe Underbroker debuted in Batman 92. Of all those, I think Ghostmaker may have the biggest impact.

Ghostmaker as we can get pre Batman stories from it plus he is cool.

Clownhunter also as potential, he is still young ans could fit in future stories.

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I think it’s way too early to tell. Tynion has basically thrown a lot of stuff at the wall, and something is bound to stick.

Punchline seems pretty safe. I’m not so sure about the rest; they seem forced to sell books.

punchline 1st is hell arisen #3

Ghostmaker is not a villain at this point and clown hunter may end up being a good guy too.

Also I think the designer is dead. I may be wrong though.

Punchline is the best so far though.

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Clown Hunter was my favourite of the group.

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I’m not so sure that if they were trying to move books… the new characters are already in your best selling title. I thought all the characters naturally were part of the story being told. I didn’t see any of them as ‘forced’. :man_shrugging:

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My money is on Punchline.

In general, DC is pushing for so many first appearance with each issue that I get the feeling that they are forced. I’m also applying that to Batman even though the story is pretty damn good.

If you had to put money down for speculation, who would you go with (Beside Punchline)?

A distant 2nd would be Clownhunter, the 1:25 is pricey now.

I would put my money on ghostmaker

First full I think most are claiming but her actual first appearance is the cameo in Batman 89.

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Poyo is correct. Batman 89 is cameo and Hell Arisen 3 is first full. Hell Arisen currently sells for more than batman 89 but I imagine this is also partly a supply thing.

Ask me in 20 years…

I think we’ll all wish we bought more 1, 4, 5, and 6.

Punchline is the probably the safest bet to become a major key villain in the foreseeable future. Punchline has all the attributes and even appearance to back it up. All the other characters are filler characters that are used to sell books.I actually prefer Punchline over Harley Quinn because of her rebellious and fearless nature.