Jon Kent comes out as Bi-Sexual

Same as the regular cover. Sellers lying to get sales.


Same lies happened with a Moon Knight comic being a supposed Walmart variant.


jay will get powers, i assume he will either become jon’s sidekick/lover or villain/ex

I thought about this too but the more I watch Superman and Lois from CW, it made me gain interest in reading a Superman title. Here comes Son of Kal-el which was a good starting point - not for a Clark Kent story, but a Superman title - and it’s very good so far imo. I might branch out and read the Rebirth ones.

PrintWatch: Superman Son Of Kal-El #5 Second Printing Alongside First

So what actually will make it a “second printing?” Vs. just another variant?

So bizarre since FOC has yet to happen. So they’re going to stop the press….change out the adds, the. Start it up again?

If it has the same contents inside the cover (adds and what not) It feels like it’s just a variant. They can call it a second print if they want, I suppose. They can call it a billionth print…

Either way this is the book that may sneak up on people.

Dropping my cover A’s. Putting in for this one.

Note that Previews doesn’t call it a 2nd print.

TFAW calls it Cover C and has a picture.

Misinformation from printwatch?

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diamond originally called it a 2nd print, but changed it in a few hours

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I think the print watch was early to report before previews changed it to Cover C. But I could see it as definitely a Cover C based on its trade dress when Tom Taylor broke the news alongside the cover reveal of C.

Shouldn’t it be called a biprinting? :thinking:

You have a good point if it is released the same day how is it a second printing. Cover B is not a second printing. Cover C might end up having the most value out of all the printings.

It’d be such a great cover if they actually let them kiss.

Even better, if they went all Harley/Ivy eat bang kill. That’d get some attention!

As it is it’s quite lame. Wusses.

Maybe in the actual second printing when DC realizes they can make more money.

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we will get 2nd prints of #2 and #5

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My concern is that Jon Kent isn’t younger, closer to 11 or 12… I mean 17 to 18 years old is the incorrect age for him as he was aged up for stupid reasons… So yeah can we get 10 year old Jon again? I don’t care he’s bisexual, NO ONE SHOULD BECAUSE THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM! THE PROBLEM IS THAT HE IS NOT 10 YEARS OLD! Don’t you all see?! This is all a smoke screen, to make us ALL forget he’s meant to be 10 years old and you’re all drinking the Kool-Aid and NOT focusing on the BIGGER issue!

Age is imaginary in the comic fictional world. In this series, clearly he’s older. Our reality doesn’t align with the stories told within the pages.

And yet he was artificially aged up for stupid reasons. Just saying… He should look like a 10 year old and actually ACT like a 10 year old. I mean doesn’t matter how GOOD this little “diversion” of a change for him is… fact remains, if Billy Batson can be 10 to 14, why can’t Jon? Because the simple fact of the matter is, it was done as a way to get Clark to reveal he’s Superman, and with ZERO thought put into it. I refuse to acknowledge stupid reasonings because they are detrimental to storytelling. Jon Kent is meant to be 10 years old and this ENTIRE argument that people have been getting into over him being bisexual, is quite literally stupid. Why? Because NO ONE has brought up the fact it’s actually damned sick for DC to pull when he’s meant to be 10 years old. If they were smart they would de-age his boyfriend to 10 years old too

His dad is also from a planet called Krypton and they can fly, bullets bounce off them… but you know, they can’t tell a story with him being obviously a bit older… that’s not logical! :wink:

Did you sign up just to stir the pot? Welcome to the forums, but tone it down, it’s all make belief and fictional. No reason to get your undies all knotted up over.

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He’s not 10 because you say he’s not? Come on… spare us this nonsense!

Back on the actual topic. If you’re here to just blow hot air, this is not the time or place! First verbal warning. Thanks.

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