MCU Phase 4 - 5 Perplexed Spec Trek

I think he’s doing quite well… probably in better shape than 99% of us on this forum…


Dunno, just not Mephisto intimidating to me. We’ll see though.

I can beat him up but I don’t wanna.

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They better not eff with this character. Seriously.

What the ■■■■ does that have to do with him playing a character in a fictional movie? Can’t you go 2 damn seconds without dragging irrelevant shit into conversations?

It’s responses like this that make sites like this require moderators and their damn jobs moderating harder. Sigh!

He’s not always intimidating in the comics. He tries to be clever and subtle too. I remember when he was acting all nice because he was going on dates with one of the New Mutants. He can be crafty and funny and witty. Some portrayals are just, “Scary devil dude,” tho too.


I deleted my comment.