The Future of DC Films


Lots of people are using it now

Because twitter sucked before, it sucks even more now! :wink:

Thats a cool name. HIVE. Like teen titans…


Buying up and specing on all those rando DC TV show characters would eventually pay off.

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Make us an Alana top DC spec list, please!


I’m gonna start speculating on social media sites instead of comics. What could go wrong?

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Kingdom Come


Hopefully they’ll make the original Civil War better than the original Civil War flick.

I suspect he is using the art as an example of getting around the table to make plans, rather than hinting Kingdom Come is in the pipeline. He made some comments the other day that suggested he is only a few weeks into the job and it takes much longer to build a whole franchise plan.

I think anyone who has over-paid for Omega Men #3 since the Lobo picture was used in a previous post might have similarly over-interpreted the meaning of the picture.

He’s already building plans…

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I think begun is the right word. I’m not sure they have already decided to do anything close to creating a universe with Kingdom Come at its centre. From the article:

James Gunn and Peter Safran are now the new co-CEOs of DC Studios, and they’re just begun work on reshaping the company’s movies, TV shows, and assorted other products — apparently into one giant, cohesive multimedia universe.

I just think it is a picture of heroes planning : )

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